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Are you looking for savings and quick delivery? Arriival has the solution that saves you both time and money, with the Smart auto-select feature that automatically chooses the best delivery options for you. It makes a complicated logistic decision a breeze with Arriival.
Discover the seamless online shipping platform designed for any small and medium businesses (SMBs) in Malaysia

How is works

Spend less time shipping. More time selling

Ship faster for less money with automated shipping tools

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Import Orders from wherever you sell

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Selects Best Rate based on delivery speed

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Print the shipping Waybill & Stick on the parcel

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Automatically shares tracking information to Alerts Receiver

Spend more time on growing your business, and focus less on shipping!  We offer different courier service packages to meet your shipping requirement and budget as much as possible.

Supercharge Your Shipping. Grow Your eCommerce Business.

Lowest Rate & Easy to Book for your clients

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Get the lowest rates with the fastest delivery times.

Exclusive shipping discounts up to 70% off by Subscribe the SUPER RATE

Stop overpaying for shipping. Arriival rates remain unbeaten and are available to everybody nationwide. See how you can save up to 70% on SUPER RATE. With 3 delivery methods and a total of 13 logistic services solution to solve your company’s logistic needs, We have the right logistics for your needs. See available logistics and shipping rate.

Are you looking for the easiest logistic solution in Malaysia, we have what you want…

  • How can we help your business?

    Our Heroic Support Team provide 24/7 speedy responses to your issues. Our team are always ready to serve, you can focus less on shipping and more on growing your business.

  • Save Time & Money with the best delivery options.

    With our powerful automation tools, mobile app, and easy online tracking page, we save you time and money from comparing with multiple logistic companies and make sure you get the most reasonable rate always.

  • Parcel tracking instantly available to your customers

    Great news! You’ll never have to hear “Where’s my package?” again.

    • Package tracking info is immediately sent to your receiver and an optional notification email is delivered to your customer once an order is shipped. It’s a great way to improve your Seller Ratings.
    • Our detailed Online Manage Order makes it easy to access package tracking details for any order.

  • The right fit no matter how much you ship.

    Whether you ship one package a day from your home, or ship thousands of packages a day from multiple warehouses, Arriival works for any-sized business and any experience level. Our easy-to-use interface doesn’t require any special training or special equipment — any computer and printer will do. Just give us a try and we guarantee you’ll be shipping within minutes.

  • Ship To Southeast Asia With Arriival.

    One of the fastest way to grow your business is to open up the international markets. Arriival makes it easy with our door to door service. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We are the only Smart Logistic Platform parcel delivery in Malaysia!  Our system will help you to compare and choose the best logistic provider, we save you time and money from comparing with multiple logistic companies and make sure you get the most reasonable rate always. In addition we won’t lack of personal touch when you encounter parcel issues as our Heroic Support Team provide 24/7 speedy responses to your issues. Our team are always ready to serve. 

With the Auto lowest price feature, it can help you to Auto-select the best delivery method base on your location, weight, size of your parcel & taking into consideration of volume metric weight & min pick up charges. As many does not know how to calculate correctly as different logistic companies will have different rates & conditions. Sometimes if your staff forget to take it into consideration it will incurred extremely high rates of transport charges . By using our Automation feature, you are free from understanding every logistic companies complex terms & conditions hence avoiding paying high bills accidentally.

L+W+H < 300cm, 100kg/parcel

Visa/MasterCard, Bank transfers and Cheque

Monday to Sunday (excluding public holidays)

You can reach our sales team by calling number at 016-6131991 or by filling out this form.

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What Is Arriival?

Arriival is a One-Stop Smart Logistic solution for parcel delivery in Malaysia. A web-based shipping software for everyone!

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