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Why are we UNIQUE

With our nationwide service points, we offer temporary storage at no extra cost with efficient and cost effective delivery

Instant Delivery

Deliver in 3 hours within city

Domestic Delivery

Deliver in 2-3 days to other state

Delivery time matters ! Arriival happy to help delivery for your document, parcel or goods


The 6 Secure Commitments to user

Application SMS

OTP code provided via SMS notification to inform sender and receiver.

Pick Up Service

Quick response pickup your parcel / goods and delivered by Arriival Angel.

GPS Tracking System

The status of the parcels can be tracked at anytime and anywhere via Arrival App and our backend system.

Domestic P2P (Point to Point) Delivery

Point-to-point delivery is where the delivery angels deliver the customer’s parcels from Point A service point to Point B service point. 

Information Secured

The parcels received will be only identified by OTP code and therefore verified it.

Up-to-date information

To update the latest information in a regular basis via Website and App instead of fake information from outsiders.

How It Works

Easily placed order via Arriival App or Website, Convenient parcel tansfer at service points, Efficent utilize of public resources.

Place Order
via Arriival App or Website

Delivery Angels (Rider)
Grab order & come to Pickup

Send to Receiver
Ensure receiver get it in promise time

Fast & Secure, Instant & Domestic (Nationwide) Delivery

Arriival is a technology based On-demand Express Service platform that allows customers to make delivery services at their convenience. To fulfill the market’s delivery services demand.

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Arriival APP

Arriival is No.1 delivery e-hailing platform, and cashless payment solution all in one. Arriival is committed to be the livelihood power of freedom. The freedom to get the services arrived securely, quickly, and efficiency. The freedom to fulfill the interest of life. We solve critical delivery challenges and make delivery freedom a reality for the people.

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