About Us

ARRIIVAL was joint ventured project by ARRIIVAL TECHNOLOGIES SDN BHD and CHONGQING BIAOYUAN TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD CHINA (QMCS). It was designed to fully optimize the logistics, clients, services, information and funding resources in order to bring benefits to

Due to the increasingly collaborate of crossover countries in nowadays, many traditional company had engaged themselves in online methods and innovative venture. Arriivaltech set off from the demands by their customers and construct a business model which consists of online + physical network + idle resources (Crossover Delivery).

Through crossover delivery mode and integration of cross boundaries to efficiently alter the
traditional company’s business operation, costs and efficiency, provided the opportunity for everyone to participate in manufactures, services and benefits in different industries to fully utilize the resources in society.


Arriival will becoming the leader of instant delivery service platform in Southeast Asia by offers the delivery-hailing booking service, and life services for users via one mobile app. We solve critical delivery challenges and make delivery freedom a reality for the people. The Arriival APP offers delivery service at beginning stage which main for domestic scope.



Everyone Involved gain benefits



  1. User oriented (Priority)
  2. Cooperation
  3. Responsibility
  4. Integrity
  5. Contribution
  6. Promise


Operating Philosophy

  • Team work
  • Sharing resources
  • Double win deal