Due to the rise of advanced technologies of e-commerce, it has emphasized on convenience and shipping. Why say so? Because the parcels can be placed order via online and receive it in a timely manner. At the same time, it may attract many purchasers, drive more sales and create repurchase rate.

Before that, you should be clear with the order fulfillment and return policies. To be more attractive on the websites, the order fulfillment and information should be front and center. As long as the information is clearly stated and easy to find. Besides that, it may also drive more sales and bounce rate as the flow of website is compromised.

Furthermore, free shipping is one of the shipping strategies to bring more sales. How do you apply free shipping strategically? You can either offer free shipping if they spent at a certain amount or as a promotional offer during some special event.

Last but not least, packaging service is also vital in preparing and wrapping the goods before dispatch it out. The packaging and branding with right design creation in order to replace the in-person customer service. Not only that, it also can last the first impression with the customers as well as to decide to visit your shop again.

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