Are you suffering that the parcel delivered is not on time? Even if you are a patient person. Would you like to receive your parcels for few days or even few weeks? Here we are! We, ARRIIVAL is your best solution to overcome your sorrow.

ARRIIVAL is officially opened to public that available on Google Play and App Store. In short, ARRIIVAL is a simple instant delivery platform to place your parcels where you wanted to deliver. Therefore, it is designed to provide seamless experience for our users with fast and secure delivery service.

Once the orders have been placed, the delivery service takes only 30 minutes to 3 hours within same city and cross-city delivery only takes 24 hours of delivery! Meanwhile, in the process of delivering the parcels, the real-time GPS tracking system is allowed for the users to track the status of their parcels via ARRIIVAL and our back-end system.

How it works

  1. Download ‘Arriival’, make registration and login to your account.
  2. Input the personal information of sender and receiver.
  3. Input the type of parcels, its weight, its volume and the tips given (according to your satisfaction with our delivery service)
  4. Make payment and submit the completion of order placed.
  5. Once done, wait for Delivery Angels to pick up the parcels from you!


The interface of Arriival

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