On 22 April 2019, Founder of QMCS Mr. Zhang Yue came to visit our Arriival HQ along with his secretary since last week Monday. We, Arriival was very pleased to welcome our honorable Founder of QMCS for his coming to Malaysia.

What is the purpose have you wondered that they came to Malaysia for this time? Well. Our Arriival CEO Mr. Lee, COO Mr. Eddie, CMO, Mr. Sean, General Manager, Mr. Desmond, Founder of QMCS Mr. Zhang Yue and even his secretary had conducted meeting from morning till night.

After a week of meeting continuously, they have finalized the changes of the entire company’s policy. On Business Opportunity Preview that night, we, Arriival was appreciated that Mr. Zhang Yue could present the new project promotion in China to the audiences on the behalf of Arriival.

Not only that, we also had conducted face-to-face interview with Mr. Zhang. He shared a lot of his stories which included the establishment of QMCS. ‘Teamwork is the essential component for the growth of the company instead of doing individually’, Mr. Zhang Yue said.

Presented new project promotion in China

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