Arriival Online Inventory System

There is one thing that people always say:
Inventory is the heart and soul of a business.
A business will NEVER Take Off without Good Inventory.

Actually, nobody says that. But Inventory is an extremely important aspect of business that a lot of people don’t really acknowledge. It increases profit in the company. Businesses that are involved in buying and selling goods, ordering goods and keep stock of it.

Not keeping inventory means a company can Lose Track of Their goods,
which means that they cannot:

Track goods with late delivery

Know what goods are of high demand in the marketplace

Tell what goods are out of stock so as to acquire more

Notice inaccurate calculations in the stock and keep track of typos

This is not good for business at all because it will mean that customers will not be satisfied, and unsatisfied customers would lead to lose of  business.


AOIS is specifically developed for the warehousing industry, designed to accurately track inventory in multi-client warehouses and provide different ways to monitor and correct inventory when necessary.

What Exactly Are We Doing?

We want to create a straightforward way to assist resellers and retailers, ring up customers, improve inventory levels, present basic reports & keep track of customers.

We do this in two major ways. Internal and external services.

The internal system can be explained in four different ways:


We have spread out our services across 30 locations in Malaysia. They serve as service point outlets to drop off & pick up goods for safe delivery anywhere you want. We also provide storage spaces for rent to all customers, even if you are overseas.

Racking & Packing

Let us keep your goods extremely safe and looking clean. We have steel racking for your product, keeping it safe, secure, climate-controlled, and organized. When you need your product packed, we ensure it is cleanly packed and trackable, providing barcodes, cartons, and wrappings.

Storage Space

Nestle your goods in the perfect home before they reach your customers. The space is pest-free, climate-controlled, and temperature-controlled. Safety is guaranteed, no matter what.

Security & protection

Warehouse security is one of the most important aspects of many commercial businesses. We guarantee the complete safety of the goods you entrust to us, with spaces that have sturdy physical barriers and security deterrents to guard against unauthorized access. We believe that your goods are never too safe, and that’s why we always make them the safest.



Our external services are focused especially on how you and your customers will interact in the course of your business. The way we provide these services are:

Online Booking

In our online booking services, we can help you as a warehouse owner to serve multiple brands and retailers without investing in additional assets. Let your already existing resources speak for you.


With the AOIS e-store, you can now move stock between different branches with ease. No more documents. No more papers. Everything is smoothly done online. With our premium membership, we offer multiple channels, to better seamlessly offer your products to all your customers.

Collection & Delivery

We provide the means to deliver your goods with transparency and clarity. We ensure that you can track every property with serial numbers. Serial numbers are properties that uniquely identify an item and can be used for traceability and warranty purposes.

Commercial & Non-commercial

Apart from the normal commercial areas of your business, which are very important, there is also a need for the non-commercial area of the business to be effective. Things like organizational capability and innovative systems and services. We can offer all of this with stellar service, which will save a lot of unnecessary expenses and be easy to manage.

Security & Property

Make sure that you can keep track of your business’ every move. Be the eye in the sky for your business, and make sure that everything goes well.

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We do all these efficient services with a very experienced technical team, with everyone equipped with real-time tools to proactively identify any issues and resolve them before it becomes a big problem. Whatever inventory service you need, we will professionally carry out these services, making sure that your inventory is always accurate, always reliable, and always available. As always accuracy and efficiency are our number one priority..

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