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Arriival Terms and Conditions
Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using the https://arriival.com/ website or mobile apps. These site is owned and operated by Arriival Technologies Sdn Bhd (Company no 1294634-V).
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Arriival may changes and modify these terms at any time for any reason, by posting our new version in this website. Your continued use of our website is following our posted modified terms will be subject to the terms that you use at that time.

Our Service
Arriival Malaysia is a technology based express service company. The Arriival APP offers delivery service at beginning stage which mainly focus on domestic scope. Service we provides are:
1. Instant delivery – Delivery within 3 hours upon pick up in same city and the distance is not over 80km
2. Point to Point Delivery – Delivery between 12 – 48 hours for outstation area. 12-48 hours is excluding public holiday, rest day and non-working hours & depend on service areas.
For non-service point area, the delivery will be send out within 5 working days.
Example (1): If item pick up at 7.30pm and delivery service close at 8pm, it is only 30mins in between on that day and the next day 8am will continue the guarantee timeline.
Example (2): If the item is pick up / sending to outskirts areas, it might delays the delivery.

Customers must be responsible for the goods and complete packaging accordance with safety requirements to following the standard courier to pass the process of delivering and ensure the safety of the goods. Any damages caused by packing of the problem will be borne by the customer.

Contents Deliveries
1. Customers required to declare the contents of your package in a complete, accurate and correct manner to our counter staff for acceptance. Arriival Malaysia will not entertain or be liable for any charges, fines and compensations that may arise if the declaration of goods considered to be fraudulent, incomplete, dubious or inconsistent with the declaration made by the sender prior to send, either directly or indirectly.
2. Shipping items such as an original or official documents (i.e. NRIC, Passport, and Birth Certificate) sent by the sender is in sender’s own risk. Arriival Malaysia will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the documents as mentioned above.
3. Arriival Malaysia will not allow the delivery of the goods and reserves the right to refuse posting of goods prohibited by applicable law, at any time or at the sole discretion of if Arriival Malaysia assume that the goods can pose risks to health, safety, property or the environment in any manner whether the item has been received or not. Item includes; Explosive Items (i.e. fireworks, weapons or bombs) Gas (i.e. butane gas, oxygen, medical aerosols, lighter butane) Flammable Liquid (i.e. fuel, paint, alcohol).
4. The sender is fully responsible for any of the following item but is not limited to posting such as; item liquid, cream or cosmetics in containers that are at risk of rupture and any form of harmful food and / or may harm other items.
5. Arriival Malaysia will not be liable for any claims for damages or delay shipping if item is delayed, detained, returned by sender, or not processed because it contains articles that are mentioned as above.
Submit malicious items as defined by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), The International Civil Aviation Act, 1969 (Act 3) under the Dangerous Goods (DGR) which includes any changes, updates or additions that may be issued from time to time is absolutely prohibited.

Senders who choose insurance protection offered Arriival must declare content of the insured content and must be fully complete and authentic documents. Arriival shall not be liable to on any conflict of insurance claims from those already declared during the posting. Insurance coverage up to RM3,000 limited to any damages or loss of content according to the value it has insured or any value as determined by the insurer.

Lost/Damage Claims
Arriival guarantees reimbursement of drop off charges for deliveries which are delayed due solely to Arriival fault. This refund is limited and subject to the following conditions:
1. Delay instant delivery over 3 hours upon pick up
2. Within in same city and not over from 80km
3. Parcel lost or damage

Claim on damage/lost to the parcel or its content can only be claimed by the customer or the representative who has been authorised in writing by the customer. The claim application together with required physical and effective proof and any claims brought against the company with respect to damaged or delayed consignments shall be made in writing within 48 hours.
Any claim must be made in writing and send to Arriival Headquarters (No.9, Jalan YTN 3, Industrial Desa Aman, 52200 Kepong, Kuala Lumpur.) It must contain following information:
a. Goods or item delivery number;
b. Contact details of service user;
c. Proof of payment or receipt;
d. Photos of damaged materials; and
e. Copy of bank account to which the compensation will be transferred.
For lost consignments, notification shall be made within 14 days from the date the documents or goods were due to arrive at their destination, failed to do shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage arising howsoever. The processing of refund may take in between seven (7) to twenty-one (21) working days.

Deliveries Guarantees
Arriival will ensure that items are delivered according to the standard delivery requirements. After place an order via APP or our website (pick up time: 9am-7pm), our dispatcher will collect the parcels / documents that you order. It will reach in 3 hours within same city (Not more than 80km) and 12-48 hours for service point area and for non-service point area within 5 working days when you deliver with our responsible delivery angels.
For walk in customer, you may drop your parcel in any service point from 8am to 8pm.
Our parcel delivery process is using a GPS tracked, you are able to know your parcel’s current location and path through the APP.

Shipping Charges

  • Instant Delivery

Extra Service:
• Maximum weight can increase from 10KG-15KG (Motorbike), add on RM1/KG.
• Maximum weight can increase from 35KG-45KG (Car), add on RM1.50/KG.
• Return Trip : Additional RM50.00
• Moving Services by driver : Additional RM50.00


  • • Point to point delivery coming soon.
  • • The chargeable fee of a shipment is determined by the actual distance (KM) + the actual EXTRA gross weight (KG)
  • • Parcel shipment are calculated in 1KG increments, weigt in decimal KG will be rounded up to the nearest KG.
  • • Arriival Malaysia reserves the right to at any time to amend, modify or discontinue the services, tariffs and applicable terms and conditions without prior notice.

Account Payment
Arriival provides payment in cash and online banking. If you choose cash payment, you will pay directly to your courier during parcel handover. We encourage you to use online payment method. Your payment is held on our secure payment platform and only released to the courier once delivery has been completed to your satisfaction. In case of expiry, transaction will be voided. We support all international credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, and AmEx) available in the payment process.

Arriival Verification Code
Our system dispatches your order to our partners, as soon as our partner picks up your order, you will receive a notification via application. Simultaneously, receiver of the parcel will get “Verification code” with an SMS. Receiver is obliged to give verification code to courier as a confirmation that parcel is safely delivered.

In the same time, sender can track their verification code from their APP. Sender may send the code to Receiver in the event that Receiver accidently deleted the verification code SMS.

Insurance Limited Liability
The liability of the Company for any loss or damage to the Shipment howsoever arising and notwithstanding that the cause of the loss be unexplained shall be limited to the lesser of:
(1) RM3000.00 provided the Sender agrees to pay 1% of the total value of goods. or
(2) The amount of loss or damage to a document or parcel actually sustained; or
(3) The Actual Value of the document or parcel as determined under Clause content deliveries hereof, without regard to its commercial utility or special value to the Shipper

If one of the above terms and condition is void, it does not preclude the other terms which contained in this terms and condition to be void. All the rules are subjected to the subject matter of the above terms and condition. Arriival reserves the rights to use the regulation and general terms and conditions which have been approved by Arriival even though it is not specified in this terms and condition.

The delivery status can be tracked and traced via website and Apps. The customer is deemed to acknowledge and agreed to accept above mentioned terms and conditions upon he/she is using delivery services provided by Arriival.

External Factors
Arriival shall not be responsible for damages resulting from natural disasters (force majeure events) or events beyond Arriival control. For example:
(a) Natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and floods;
(b) Out of control situations such as war, embargo, aircraft crashes or flight technical problems;
(c) A fire or robbery occurred at the Arriival office premises, although the company has taken appropriate safety control measures.
(d) Item which has been seized or detained by the custom or relevant authorities, whereby the sender or the recipient shall be responsible for any tax, duty or penalty which has been imposed by the custom or the relevant authorities.
(e) Online scam and/or any other scamming or deceiving activities conducted where Arriival is used to provide delivery service.
Arriival will not act as the representative for the sender or the recipient in any dealings with the custom or any relevant authorities that detained or seized the shipped items.

Privacy Policy
Arriival is committed in protecting customers’ personal information and will take necessary and relevant measures to safeguard customers’ personal information in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010.

This Privacy Policy governs the manner in which Arriival collects, uses, maintains and discloses information collected from the customers. This policy only applies to personal information of individuals that are processed for commercial transactions.

Collection of Personal Information
Arriival does not collect any personal identifiable information when customers visit our website (“Site”) or mobile application (“App”) unless they opt to provide that information to Arriival and/or continue to proceed after being informed or notified by Arriival that certain customers’ information will be recorded.

The processing and utilisation of the customers’ personal information will be done in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Notice herein and all applicable laws.

Disclosing Customers’ Personal Information
Arriival may disclose the customers’ personal information to the following parties (including those located overseas) for the purposes stated above:
1. Agents and service providers who provide services relating to the purposes of which the personal information is collected including data processing services;
2. Any person, who is under a duty of confidentiality and who has undertaken the responsibility to keep such information confidential; and
3. Arriival related and associate companies and affiliates.

Arriival will not disclose the customers’ personal information to unaffiliated third parties without the customers’ consents unless such personal information is required by law or in good faith and such action is necessary to comply with any law enforcement agency requirements, court orders or legal processes.
In addition, Arriival does not sell, trade or rent customers’ personal information to others.

Accessing and Updating Customers’ Personal Information
If the user would like to access, update or correct the provided personal information, user is able to access or correct personal information via mobile app or web application.

Changes to this Policy
Arriival reserves the right to amend or update this privacy policy at any time to reflect changes in the law, our business practices, processes or structure. Upon the update or amendment, Arriival will post a notification on the site or in the app and revise the updated date accordingly. The customer acknowledges and agrees that it is the customer’s responsibility to review this privacy policy periodically and be aware of future modifications.


Arriival (“we”, “our”, “us”) respects and is committed to the protection of both our existing and prospective customers’ personal information and privacy. This Personal Data Protection Notice explains how Arriival collects and processes your personal data in accordance with the Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA 2010”)

1. Personal Data
Personal Data means any information provided by you which relates to and/or relates back to you may include but not limited to your: Name; Age; Race; Religion; Nationality; Identity card/passport number; Correspondence/office/e-mail address; Gender; Marital Status; Home/Office/Mobile phone/facsimile number; Bank Account Information; login/admin password; product code; Status of proceedings of courts of law, tribunals and arbitration; and any other personal data as defined and described under PDPA 2010.

2. Sources of Personal Data
The sources that the company may obtain your personal data may include, but not limited to, directly and/or indirectly from you, spouses, next-of-kins, family members, cookies used on the website, documents, business directories, authorities, etc.

3. Purpose of Collecting and Processing your Personal Data
The collecting and processing of your personal data may include, but not limited to the following purposes:-
a. To process your requested services;
b. To process upon payment transactions, delivery of notice, forms, letters and other documents necessarily required;
c. To respond to your enquiries.
d. Communications with you and delivery of information by any communication methods including, but not limited to e-mail, telephone calls, facsimile, short message service, social media and other services;
e. Any other purposes provided for in our services and/or products offered by us;
f. Market survey and trend analysis.
g. Prevention, hindrance, reporting of any criminal activities including but not limited to, fraud, bribery and money laundering; and
h. Compliance to any legal requirements and/or to make any disclosure under the requirements of any applicable law, regulations, directions, court orders, guidelines, circulars, codes which are applicable to us.
i. For internal records and maintenance of our user database.
j. For company’s credit risk management and credibility worthiness check of its users.
k. To monitor, review and improve the company’s services.

4. Authorisation and Consent
Your personal data which are in our possession will be kept confidential and you hereby consent and authorise us to disclose your personal data to the following third parties categories:-
a. Our affiliates, auditors, business associates, business consultants, accountants and/or other professional advisors and/or consultants as we deem necessary;
b. Our third party service providers as we deem necessary or appropriate;
c. Bank, financial institution, insurance companies, land authorities, Malaysian Inland Revenue Board, Companies Commission of Malaysia, court of laws;
d. Any person and/or body corporate to whom we are compelled to or required under law or in response to local, state, federal or international authority, court of laws, tribunal, arbitration centre, commission, council or association legally authorised by law.

5. Your Obligations
It is your obligation to supply your personal data to us in the most accurate manner. If you do not provide us with your personal data, we are unable to, process your personal data on your behalf, for the purposes stated in clause 3 herein, or effectively render our services to you and all relationships created or to be created between us shall then be terminated and ceased to be in effect immediately.

6. Your Rights to Access and Correct Your Personal Data
a. Right to request access to personal data
Subject to our rights of refusal under the act and subject to payment of fee, you are entitled to request access to your personal data that is processed by us with reasonable notice.
b. Right to request correction of personal data
Subject to our rights of refusal under the act and subject to payment of fee, you are entitled to request the correction of your personal data that is held by that is inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date with reasonable notice.
c. Rights to limit processing of your personal data

You are entitled to limit our processing of your personal data by expressly withdrawing in full your consent given previously including for us to send any advertising and marketing materials or for direct marketing purposes subject to any applicable legal restrictions, contractual conditions and within a reasonable.

*These terms and conditions may vary from time to time, Arriival reserves the right amend and update without notice. Please make sure you review them regularly as you will be deemed to have accepted a variation if you continue to use this website/ APP after any variation has been posted.