Due to the advancement of technology, the existence of E-commerce had been affected delivery service positively in Malaysia that the market growth leads to rapidly rise from year to year. Will this change affect the delivery service landscape in Malaysia? What are the leading change drivers for the delivery service?

Compare to the previous delivery services, it was slow and not secure with the use of mailbox. Why say so? Because there was no digital support of searching the address. Also, there was no time estimation whether your parcels would reach on time or not.

Furthermore, the implementation of APP is one of an advantage to ensure the delivery service is fast and secure. Once the user placed his or her order by filling up the personal and parcel information via APP. Therefore, the completed payment will automatically adjust your order placed accordingly.

With the development of digital support, the parcels can be tracked via back-end system or APP. As the parcels are in the delivery process, the user is able to keep tabs on their parcels to ensure that it has reached to the customers. Therefore, it is a good method to provide the tracking numbers and OTP code so that they can keep track of where their parcel is.

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