Does a brand really need an app to succeed today? Yes. It does. The statistics shown that the percentage of internet users continue to rise from 24.5 million (76.9%) in 2016 to 28.7 million (87.4%) in 2018. It totally aided the traditional transaction by creating communications channel and better address customer needs while simultaneously meeting business objectives.

With an effective mobile strategy, brands can interact with the users from any place and any time. First of all, it can lead to mobile traffic by engaging more users to the website. After that, it can be defined that the users are willing to engage with brands on their smartphones. At the same time, user interface also can be caused the first good impression and lasting if its looks and operation are well-organized.

Moreover, the company will start tending to e-commerce based with means of having brick and mortar store. Most of the users who often using apps for shopping in-store with the purpose of redeeming in-store discounts, finding products, and viewing product ratings and reviews.

Last but not least, app can offer more value beyond your website. Why say so? It is because it can access and use built-in device features such as the camera, GPS, and location. For example, the use GPS and location data to allow apps to send users flyers with specials specific to their area.

A mobile touch point has the ability to enhance the user experience. Not only that, it also provides many benefits such as strengthening company reputation, improving customer satisfaction, as well as increasing sales and conversion rates.

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