Due to the technological advancement, E-commerce affected positively to parcel delivery service in Malaysia that the market growth leads to rapidly rise from year to year. But there were some issues occurred in regard of the parcel received in broken condition, driver shortage, parcel lost, parcel delivered to wrong recipient, incorrect parcel received and further on. They would use digital signature or else by providing the signer’s name and identification number to receive the parcels. Also, the implementation of POS system that used to receive the parcels by scanning barcode.

It is the great opportunity for ARRIIVAL that comes with the parcel delivery system by creating own mobile application with fast and secure delivery purposes. It is available to the public to register as delivery angel. Those delivery angels can gain some commission from the recipients if they are satisfied with fast and secure delivery service from ARRIIVAL.

What does it mean of ‘Fast’? While most of the people expected that their parcel will be reached on time. ARRIIVAL had made a promised that their parcels will be received immediately in the short period of time. ARRIIVAL offers benefits for their customers by placing increasing emphasis on the faster delivery service accurately and timely. Since the public are able to register as delivery angel, it may not have the issue of driver shortage of delivering parcel.

What does it mean of ‘Secure’? It is secure due to the implementation of OTP without the signature or barcode and any personal information from the receipts. Even with the knowledge of the recipients, they are still need to enter the code to receive their parcels. It may reduce the rates of parcel delivered to wrong recipient and incorrect parcel received. By adopting the tracking system whereby the senders are able to know that the parcels have been received by the recipients.

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