About Arriival

We are engaged in the instant and domestic distribution logistics industry.

How have we started?

In an accidental sharing meeting, the founder heard of the business model of a China’s new logistics distribution company …….

He, then, brought more than a dozen entrepreneurs to China to study the logistics and distribution services. Seeing the rise of the Internet and online business in China, he deeply felt the rapid development of the logistics and distribution services, replacing traditional brick and mortar businesses. With the change of people’s spending behaviour, distribution service has become essential for both online and offline business!

Arriival is a new logistics express platform, established on December 25, 2018.

ARRIIVAL Christmas Soft Launch

Our Vision

Arriival will becoming the leader of instant delivery service platform in Southeast Asia by offers the delivery-hailing booking service, and life services for users via one mobile app. We solve critical delivery challenges and make delivery freedom a reality for the people. The Arriival APP offers delivery service at beginning stage which main for domestic scope.

Our Mission

  1. Help traditional industries upgrade and transform.
  2. Help create 1,000 jobs with monthly income of more than RM10,000.
  3. Help entrepreneurs to easily set up distribution companies.
  4. Bring cheers and happiness to family of our team when they could make enough money and achieve their dreams.

Core Values

  • User oriented (Priority)
  • Cooperation
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Contribution
  • Promise

Operating Philosophy

  • Team work
  • Sharing resources
  • Double win deal

We believe that our business model will create wealth for our people, contribute to our society, bring a Malaysian brand to the world and make Malaysia known internationally.

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