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Why Join Arriival as Angel (Rider)?

Because our commission pay are higher than market percentage.

" The More You Deliver, the More INCOME YOU GET "

What Arriival Angel (Rider) say
Become Arriival part timer rider
Arriival Angel (Rider) SOP

Become Arriival Angel as Part timer (Freelancer) or Full time Driver/Rider

Flexible Working Hour

You can grab the order from Arriival Angel App, when you available to deliver

Extra Income

Take a opportunity to earn more extra passive income from Arriival

Monthly Award

Monthly competition for each rider base on performance, more effort more work to win extra bonus

Support Chatting Group

Arriival support team are helping all the Angel via WhatsApp if any enquiry need

What do you drive?

Frozen Lorry

Interest become Arriival Angel (Rider/Driver)?

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Step 1 : Register form
Step 2 : Send a notice via WhatsApp : 010 260 1913,
to inform, you have register Arriival Angel (Rider).

FREE Register Arriival Angel (Rider/Driver) now!

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