On 31 March 2019, ARRIIVAL recently conducted charity activities with fellow employees and licensees since last Sunday by showing our gratitude and kindness. ARRIIVAL decided to pay a visit to few families in a day whom they really in need of help from society.

Before the departure, ARRIIVAL special thanks to Chairman of Delivery of Love Mr. Lau who gave us some precautions and advice in regard of what can do and what can’t do. Soon, we started departing to their house one by one.

In the process of visiting, we brought joy to the kids by chitchatting with them and provided an utmost support and encouragement for the kids. In addition, we started taking with group photo session and distributing those necessity supplies sponsored by ARRIIVAL with the use of funds donated from Arrival. At the same time, some employees also donated by themselves willingly.

After all, it really was a meaningful day giving back to those in need with abundance and selfless of love, as well as a great experience of implementing act of kindness. Therefore, we, ARRIIVAL will be continued with this kind of charity activities.

Paid a visit and Group photo taking session

Necessity supplies sponsored by ARRIIVAL

The exterior and interior of environment

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