On 29 August 2019, Licensee Training Programme was conducted in Arriival HQ. As you can see, those licensees are willing to spend their time and come for the training. The main objectives for this training were to convey the information for the sake of their service point opening soon.

However, our Arriival General Manager Desmond was in charge of the App Training and Backend System Training. He demonstrated the operations and procedures of all the Apps included User, Rider and Service Point. Besides that, He also taught how to control the backend system step by step.

Futhermore, our Arriival Sales & Marketing Manager Aiden was in charge of Corporate Sales Training. He taught them all the corporate sales techniques with the speech when first meet with clients. Also, he also taught them with the last step which was how to close deal with the clients.

Last but not least, our Arriival Operation Supervisor Hanim was in charge of CJ System Training. She taught them the operation and procedures in completing the delivery confirmation and doing the consignment notes.

Desmond – App Training and Backend System Training

Aiden – Corporate Sales Training

Hanim – CJ System Training

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