On 24th December 2018, ARRIIVAL TECHONOLOGIES SDN BHD, the new and innovative resemblance logistic delivery system will be officially opened in joint venture with Chongqing Biaoyuan Technology Development Co., Ltd. ARRIIVAL TECHNOLOGIES SDN BHD is opening to meets the rapidly demand and supply of parcel deliveries. As we’ve realized that in nowadays many customers found themselves facing multiple problems in parcel deliveries such as time delaying in deliveries, lost of parcels, poor quality of customers services and further on. So, our main priority is to solved our customer’s delivery needs.

  ARRIIVAL TECHONOLOGIES SDN BHD is a form of service platform for crossover crowdsourcing. It was designated by all new crossover crowdsourcing mode in order to fully optimize the logistics, clients, services, information and funding resources in order to participated by and benefits to civilians. Our company set off from the demands by our customers and construct a business model which consists of online + physical network + idle resources (Crossover Delivery).

  ARRIIVAL fully optimized the logistics, clients, services, information and funding resources to achieve better results in supply and demand. Through crossover delivery mode and integration of cross boundaries to efficiently alter the traditional company’s business operation, costs and efficiency, provide the opportunity for everyone to participate in manufactures, services and benefits to different industries to fully utilize the resources in society.

Board Of Directors and colleagues light up incense and giving their worship to God following the traditional Chinese opening ceremony ritual.

Lion dance performance to make excitement and brings fortune to the following years.

Group photo of lion dance adopt green.

Ribbon cutting ceremony by China QMCS CEO , CEO (Mr. Lee), COO (Eddie) CMO (Sean) and Board Of Directors.

CEO, COO and CMO with the motorcycle vehicles ride by ARRIIVAL’s riders.

Display of ARRIIVAL and China QMCS terminal materials in designated cabinet located beside receptionist desk. 

Arriival Opening Ceremony Video

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