Wow! It is such a warm scene. Our CEO of Arriival and QMCS greeted friendly with our delivery riders before the departure. Besides that, they have communicated with them about the difficulties and interested matters of what they have faced during the process of delivery.

For those who have been hired as our delivery riders, they are supposed to provide better customer services and customer satisfaction. How and what to do? We, Arriival has scheduled the rider training and discussion in order to ensure that customers are satisfied with our delivery service. For their safety purpose, they are allowed to express what they have encountered for whole delivery journey.

In the training schedule, we, Arriival will provide the delivery riders some important notices that need to be warned. For instances, the delivery order (DO) need to be collected back that attached with company’s chop and client’s signature. Not only that, but they also need to capture the parcels as an evidence once they have done the delivery. Also, every delivery rider is required to wear helmet, jacket and container with the logo of ‘Arriival’.

Delivery Riders have started their delivery journey in the morning.

Captured the parcels to be delivered as an evidence.

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