Based upon the statistics of courier service from 2017 to 2018, it had shown that the increasing of courier traffic such as documents, parcels and further on. From now onwards, ARRIIVAL represents the revolutionary of express delivery service. Due to the technological advancement, traditional logistics industry is eliminated with a change of new business model.

ARRIIVAL provided Business Opportunities Preview (BOP) to the new comers who are of interest to build long-term partnership with ARRIIVAL for further business opportunites. Through BOP, the operation of APP and the business plan will be presented and conveyed.

Currently ARRIIVAL welcomed those who interested to come our BOP for further information. Sign it up and explore more business opportunities!

Link provided:


CEO Mr. Lee Kong How presented the establishment of ARRIIVAL to the first comers. (Left)

CEO Mr. Lee Kong How made a speech about the background of ARRIIVAL. (Right)

IT consultant provided demonstration of the APP operation. (Left)

COO Mr. Eddie presented the business plan of ARRIIVAL (Right)


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