This was the first team building to be conducted on 8th and 9th March 2019 (Friday and Saturday) for all the personnel and even delivery angel from ARRIIVAL TECHNOLOGIES SDN BHD. The objectives of team building were to improve productivity, increase motivation, increase collaboration, encourage creativity, positive reinforcement and improve communication among all the personnel.

Special thanks to Mrs. Carol who being as our instructor to conduct the team building. We, Arriival truly appreciated to her as she really paid her effort and instilled us more external knowledge for us unselfishly. At the end, she provided us some guidance by analyzing our performance and therefore rectifying us.

Throughout the team building for 2 days, we had learned to be supportive, increase the engagement, get to know each other’s strength and weakness as well as build collaboration among all the personnel in order to keep building long term relationship closer.

Arriival Team Building

Arriival Team Building

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