On 17 May 2019, we, ARRIIVAL have succeeded to get E-Payment Gateway since last Friday. We named it as ‘ArriivalPay‘. It has become increasingly popular due to the widespread use of the internet-based shopping and banking. Also, it definitely facilitates the acceptance of E-Payment for online transaction between online merchants and customers.

With the implementation of E-Payment Gateway, the online users are able to purchase the products and credit for top up purpose via ArriivalPay. Besides that, it may ensure that the customer information is encrypted and secure. Why say so? It is because it can minimize frequency and severity of credit card fraud to happen within the online transaction.

The online users are able to increase the profits and growth of company who pay electronically and gain a competitive advantage over those who only accept traditional payment methods. Therefore, We, ARRIIVAL were honored and glad for making the online users easier in using ArriivalPay.

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