Have you ever thought of earning extra income during your idle time? Or due to the high petrol consumption, did it affect you not to travel for long distances?  For instances, the distances between your home and your workplace were too far for you. Here we are! We, ARRIIVAL is your best choice to solve your suffering.

Arriival Angel is officially opened to public on Google Play and App Store. Arriival Angel is a simple instant delivery platform to pick up the parcels from sender and therefore deliver to receiver. In short, it is designed to provide seamless experience for our delivery angels to earn extra money. For example, being delivery angel, your petrol fee and toll fee will be covered once you completed the delivery.

With the adaption the Arriival Angel, the delivery angels can plan their itinerary plan in advance. The system would automatically match the corresponding delivery information, and broadcast the delivery information to the nearest delivery angels in order to let them pick up the orders.

Once the delivery angel has picked up the parcels from the senders, they would start delivering the parcels to the receivers. After that, the delivery angel would seek for OTP code for verification purpose from receiver before the parcels passed to them. Therefore, this was what ARRIIVAL perceived as fast and secure delivery.

The interface of Arriival Angel

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