As people reach to curiosity when they came to heard of INVESTMENT. What does it means by investment in most people’s mind? While using economic sense to explain, investment is using funds to purchase a goods that not meant to consume today but greatly useful in the future which may brings you wealth.

Financial explain that investment is monetary asset that purchase with hope that it will generate higher income in future or could be sold at higher price later. While there is actually some potential to lose your money of investment in the process, BUT IF YOU INVEST WISELY, potential to gain money is higher than if you never invest.

So, DON’T missed out opportunities to INCREASE FINANCIAL WORTH!! Invest your money wisely in order to build your wealth, which means put money in vehicles that have potential to earn strong rates of return.

Being a good investor is all about knowledge, ARRIIVAL TECHNOLOGIES SDN BHD is a good strategic company which CURRENTLY SEEKS FOR MORE INVESTOR, whereas this is a good opportunity to start invest in. We aim to become the most successful logistic delivery company in future and we strive to provide good experiences of delivery system and the best quality services that you’ll be satisfied.

ARRIIVAL using the strategic and innovative ways to conduct our businesses. ARRIIVAL by using Online Network (online mobile app) + Service Network ( retail point) + Population Network (social resources) to become a more convenient, fast and secure parcel delivery system.

In overall past 4 months which is August 2018, we’ve successfully inviting 66 partnerships, 12 seed shareholders, 2 state distributors and 20 area service points. And we’re currently looks for opportunity to seek for more investor in order to spread our businesses wider in the nation.

Business preview will held in our office which based in Kepong twice a week, which intended to explain our business methods and provide the business knowledge to our interested investors in future. The signing of  contract aggreements were increasingly from week to weeks, which means our business preview explanation are getting more accepted and attracted to our audiences in recently.

Our business preview will classified into chinese and bahasa melayu preview and content would includes explanation of current industry pain point, our business model, business operations, functions, SWOT analysis and profit analysis. We’ll like to invite our guest for sharing to our benefits, location scale discussions, and communicate to each others. In the end, we hope more investors would join into our ARRIIVAL’s great project.

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