• Blue colour.
    -Drivers keep for copy.
  • Pink Colour.
    -Customers keep for copy.
  • Purple colour.
    -Adhesive paper .And tear it carefully when paste it on top of the parcel.
    -Paste it on top of the parcel , so as to rider can shipped your item as well and secure.

    Payment Terms

  • – 1st batch will FREE 90 sheets for Service Point.

         – 2nd order will charge RM 10 – 60 sheets include courier fees.

For 1st batch who request of the manual waybill are Free 90 Sheets for Service Point and Customer. As we encourage environmental protection, therefor we will charge for second order.And we will courier the manual waybill to you place.

So Hope that Every one can use WayBill Printer as well.

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