This was the first conference and training that was held in 16th February 2018 (Saturday) conducted by ARRIIVAL TECHNOLOGIES SDN BHD. The objectives were to convey the messages of the operation of parcel delivery application, overall rules, marketing plan, charity organization and further on to the licensees in order to allow them to have more understanding about the overall procedures.

On that day, it was presented by ARRIIVAL CEO Mr. Lee Kong How, COO Mr. Eddie, CSO Mr. Sean and all the employees from ARRIIVAL. Due to their fully cooperation and well presentation, they were being enthusiasm and therefore they made this conference and training to be done completely.

In the discussion sessions, all the presenters were able to answer all the questions that asked by those licensees who were attended. This had shown that they had been well-prepared before the day of conference and training.

And special thank to Mr. Lau which was the Chairman of charity organization by presenting the origin of charity organization. Because of his presentation, he persuaded all the licensees to be agreed to conduct the donation with love as they are breaking the rules.

  • IT consultant presented the operation and optimization of application. (Left)
  • CSO Mr. Sean presented service point update. (Right)

  • COO Mr. Eddie presented investment operation department update. (Left)
  • Marketing manager presented marketing blueprints for whole year plan. (Right)

  • Mr. Lau presented the origin of charity organization. (Left)
  • All attendants having “Yushang” during lunch time. (Right)

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