Feel impatient of waiting your parcels to be reached within 2 to 3 days? It’s alright, ARRIIVAL will be the fastest delivery service where the parcels can be reached with next day delivery. It is also so called 24-hour delivery. Compared to other standard courier service, the recipients are able to receive their parcels within a day with the use of ARRIIVAL.

For e-commerce online merchants, it was a great delivery option to prompt their customers to purchase in large quantities. With the use of next day delivery, they can prevent from losing their customers toward other sellers.

How is the procedure of next day delivery?

At first, the sender can drop off their parcel at the nearby service point of ARRIIVAL. Besides that, the consignment note with tracking number will be provided by ARRIIVAL. Once the parcels start departing, both sides are able to track the parcel’s status anytime and anywhere via online tracking.


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