On 11 October 2019, we have provided Sales Sharing Session where conducted in Arriival HQ on every Friday of the first week. We were appreciated to those licensees who attended due to their passionate of joining with us. Why would we have this sharing session? Through this, we were able to exchange some knowledge in order to improve and learn from each other.

At first, our Arriival CEO Mr. Lee started sharing about corporate sales techniques. He shared to them that how to do when met up with the clients in order to close deal on the spot. After that, he did hope those licensees are on the right track and follow his footstep to do what currently he did right now.

Next, our Arriival Sales Executives Mr. Kenny started sharing about what kind of notices should be remembered. Why is it important? Through his survey, it could be helpful for them to solve their customer’s problem. At last, he wanted to make sure licensees have the knowledge of price calculation. So, he came out with three quiz of price calculation for them to calculate.

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