In a highly competitive market, service-based delivery services need to take advantage of any opportunity to prevent apart from their competitors. How does the current delivery service compete with other competitors? With the good business model and unique selling propositions (USP), the delivery service is allowed to operate lasting.

Due to the advancement of technology, the increased of demand for information technology (IT) services in the delivery service. Besides that, the big data will also lead to safer supply chains globally by communicating with global suppliers and automating tasks to minimize human error and eliminate paper.

Furthermore, the payments and cross-border transactions will be safety and secure. For instances, credit and debit card use as well as the introduction of OTP code verification will be accelerated in delivery service. Therefore, it offers everyone with payment flexibility.

Moreover, the current trend of delivery service offers an opportunity for the public to earn extra income and benefits. It concludes the fee of parking, petrol and toll. Not only that, but it also leads to the rise for the growth of delivery service by increasing the rate of job opportunity.

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