As everyone knows, mobile app is at its peak leading towards increased demands of e-commerce mobile apps. Everyone finds their comfort in placing their order via online and making easy online payments. There are the features that bring advantages for the users via mobile app.

First of all, the implementation of mobile app enables the travelling journey to be pre-planned for delivery rider. Apart from this, the delivery fee will also be calculated automatically based upon the distances or weight. This feature enables time-saving of delivery as well as the prevention of customer dissatisfaction and fuel costs.

Moreover, the users are allowed to track their parcels delivered dynamically with real-time GPS tracking system via mobile app. In the process of delivery, the users are able to check the movement of delivery status via mobile app. The anxiety of users can be reduced after they knew their parcels are delivering on the way.

Furthermore, it is vital to receive the real-time notifications from the users. Once the users placed their orders, the timely notifications will be shown in mobile app. After that, the immediate arrangement of the rider will be made to deliver the parcels. Therefore, the users will receive an instant notification once the delivery arrives at the designated location.

Last but not least, customer feedback portal is the feature that allowed the users to provide rating and feedback for delivery. After that, you will be able to manage all the important data about customer satisfaction, surveys and delivery reports. With the great rating and feedback, the users are more likely to be confidence for the delivery.

Mobile app is fast, security and easy-to-use way to enable tracking, automation and real-time management of delivery processes. Also, it may drive sales and bring more revenues for your business.

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